Scorpio's specialty is to be the taboo-breaker…

Scorpio's specialty is to be the taboo-breaker…

Scorpio isn't known for being the most loved sign. And you know what? That's totally fine with me! We might not be the sweet and hypocrite Pisces that everyone loves or the Libra that would do anything to settle a fight.

Someone has to do the dirty work in this life and that's what Scorpios are great at. Strong, profound and incredibly smart, we explore whatever is taboo and seems to be off-limits.

Because our sign dislikes superficiality and evasion, we dive deep and don't rest until we find the truth. Once we find it, we will not sugarcoat the reality in order to keep the status quo.

Known as the shaker of the Zodiac, our sign will go as far as we have to without the fear of getting judged by those around us.

Stay true to your Scorpio nature because there wouldn't be light in this world without us exposing its dark truths.

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