Three signs it's time for Aries to say goodbye…

Three signs it's time for Aries to say goodbye…

Easily bored Aries can jump from one relationship to the next in a heartbeat. Conscious of this tendency, many of us could end up having doubts if we are, once again, rushing out the door too soon.

If any of the following are happening, you should probably start packing your stuff and go:

1. Aries is a cardinal sign and you are a go-getter. If your partner is holding you back, slowing you down, or denying you the right to go after what you want, you will most likely end up setting them aside.

2. Another bad move by your partner would be to let the relationship get stale. You need someone that will keep your fire burning, always!

3. The worst thing someone could do to us Rams would be to tell us what to do. Or even worse, trying to manipulate us into thinking something was our idea when it was not. We will notice right away!

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