The meaning of Leo's symbol is the most beautiful…

The meaning of Leo's symbol is the most beautiful…

As a Leo, I am constantly learning about my sign. What I find keeps amazing me on so many levels and I am always very happy to be able to share it with you all. While researching about our sign's symbol, I found out…

- At a glance, it's a visual shape of our powerful animal, the Lion's mane and tail.

- The two incomplete circles are the Sun joined by a Crescent Moon, symbolizing our sign's power derived from both, our intellect and emotions.

- The closed circle alludes at our ruler, the Sun. The crescent of its mane is symbolic of the phases of the Moon. Together, they suggest Leo's ability to find balance between head and heart.

- The closed circle also means the unity and completion of all, forming Leo's identity and pride. A snapshot of our soul and consciousness coming together as oneness.

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