Virgos have these weaknesses when it comes to love...

Virgos have these weaknesses when it comes to love...

If you’re like me and my Virgo friends, you struggle to find that one perfect mate. And it turns out it might not just be because so few people are Virgo-worthy... Virgos can self-sabotage their love lives in the following ways...

- Virgos (women especially) who are deeply in love may not recognize if their partner is playing games, cheating, lying, or losing interest.
- Although we hate drama, for some reason moody, difficult people can stir up our passionate side, so we can pursue bad partners, who might be exciting but are incapable of being in a healthy, long-term relationship.
- You have a must-have list in your head of qualities your lover should possess, and because of it you pass on some good prospects and put up with losers who just fit the bill on paper.
- You long to feel needed, so you can become a doormat for a more aggressive, controlling partner if they lack respect for you.

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