Will you accept these dares, Gemini?

Will you accept these dares, Gemini?

I know you appreciate a challenge and am daring you to go further outside your comfort zone. Here are some fun dares. Will you do any of them with me? (Yep, I am making myself do these, too.)

1. Complete a jigsaw puzzle all by yourself with in a week (it has to be at least 500 pieces).
2. Take a solo getaway for at least 12 hours. Bonus points if you go to a very sparsely populated place out in the country.
3. Go on a technology fast... no electronic devices or tech gadgets (this includes your phone, TV, music, computer) for at least 24 hours.
4. Write a long, heartfelt letter to a loved one. It must be on old-school stationary, hand written, and at least 2 pages. Mail it!

Let me know which one(s) you did and how it went!

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