How to put Taurus' lucky numbers to good use...

How to put Taurus' lucky numbers to good use...

Do you have a lucky number? Well, now you have at least two... according to our astrologers, the sign of Taurus’ luckiest numbers are 4 and 6.

The number four is associated with security and devotion. Six represents nurturing and teaching. Perfectly in synch with Taurus, don’t you think!? So, how are some ways to use these numbers for better luck (besides playing them in the lottery)? Here are some ideas...

- Schedule important events on the 4th or 6th of the month.
- Include both the number 4 and 6 in your user names, passwords, or even request a phone number with both these numbers in it.
- Make a wish every time you see one of these numbers randomly (like on a sign or if your total at a store ends in 4 or 6).
- Buy, arrange, or group things in fours or sixes. This works easy because many things come in 4 or 6 by default.

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