Things that pose higher-than-usual harm to Libras...

Things that pose higher-than-usual harm to Libras...

Of course you’ve heard the expression, “All’s fair in love and war.” Well, for Libras it turns out that a wonderful thing like love can indeed lead to war-like conflict and danger.

Why? Because us Libras stir up intense feelings tied to love in others more easily and powerfully than other signs. It may have something to do with the fact that we can be indecisive, we fall in love a little too easily, we have a greater capacity to love, and because we are people-pleasers. So, only naturally do we disappoint others (because we try to please so many more people than the average person and can only do so much!).

So, how to lessen the danger? Just make a mental note right now to be more direct and serious about prompting feelings of love in others. Sure, love is a dream... but losing love is a harsh reality. Don’t be the source of another’s heartache... it’s the fair thing to (try to) do!

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