Enhancing your sign’s psychic abilities…

Enhancing your sign’s psychic abilities…

As Cancer natives, we are in touch with our bodies more than any other sign. This quality makes us incredibly perceptive and highly intuitive. We pick up on the energy of other people extremely easily.

All natives from our sign were born with this gift. Some develop it earlier or more than others. These are all signs that your intuitive powers are waiting to be developed:

- Heightened awareness of your senses.
- Out-of-nowhere intuitive hints.
- Telepathic instances.
- Headaches
- Hearing sounds.
- Sensing trouble.
- Spiritual connections.
- Powerful vivid dreams.
- Tingling sensations.
- Feeling something as it happens.

Kinds of psychic abilities you can develop:
- Aura reading
- Automatic writing
- Astral projection
- Clairvoyance
- Tarot, hand, tea leaf or coffee reading.

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