Will you pass the Scorpio male test?

Will you pass the Scorpio male test?

If you are dating a Scorpio man, from the very beginning you knew he was different from those guys you have ever dated. He is powerful but also very sensitive and emotional.

When you first start dating a Scorpio man, he will keep your relationship on the surface. Once he realizes he is starting to develop feelings for you, he might put you through a test to find out if you are worth his feelings and his time.

If you want to keep diving into his sexy waters, you better pass the following:

- He will definitely stalk you online and will ask around you if you have friends in common.
- He will observe and analyze very carefully the way you act with him and when you are around others.
- He will tell you a few little secrets just to see if you can keep them.
- He will ask a lot of questions about your past relationships without you noticing.
- He will test how deep your emotional waters are and your capacity for sexual intimacy.

Will you pass?

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