The self-destructive habit all Geminis must break...

The self-destructive habit all Geminis must break...

Your talents and interests know no bounds... right? Wrong. In fact, Gemini, you are guilty of one very self-destructive habit related to trying to do all, be all, see all. You spread yourself too thin!

So, how to avoid spreading yourself so thin that you start to suffer negative consequences? Follow these guidelines:

1. Say “no.” Not all the time, but be selective and accept that you can’t say yes to everything. Do you really need to travel across the country for a friend’s wedding? If it’s a very close friend, probably. But a former school pal? A card might suffice.
2. Make a list. Got a lot to do and not a lot of time? Focus yourself by making a list of everything, then editing it down to only the essentials.
3. Commit. Instead of flitting from one thing to the next, stay put at one thing for a longer time. You need not get married or buy a house, but becoming an expert in three things is better than being so-so at 100.

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