Scorpio’s worst habit stings us with our own venom…

Scorpio’s worst habit stings us with our own venom…

I recently went through a traumatizing experience that I am still recovering from. While I don’t want to get into details, I do want to share with my fellow Scorpio friends what I learned from it.

When something negative happens to us, our inquisitive nature wants to know every single detail of what went down. The how, when, and why will linger in our mind until we find the responses we seek and we believe we need to know.

Scorpio’s worst habit is to go round and round, to take apart, relive and revive a negative situation. When we ruminate about a negative event, we feed that rage and anger that will eventually lead us to deeper sadness and depression.

Did I really need to know all the details? Did it do any good to find out? Maybe! What I do know is that I can only learn from it.

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