Revealing your personal Scorpio super number…

Revealing your personal Scorpio super number…

I absolutely love numerology and pay attention to all the numbers that show up in my life. What is pretty amazing is how accurate the words are that describe me when I combine them with my Sun Sign. Three is my Scorpio super number!

Find out your super number by adding your birth date numbers as single numbers until you get a single digit. For example, I was born on November 11th of 1979 (11/11/1979). When I break it into single numbers… 1 1 1 1 1 9 7 9 = 30. Then 3 0 = 3. That means I am a Scorpio 3: Which is your Scorpio super number?

Scorpio 1: Confident and creative.
Scorpio 2: Cooperative and balanced.
Scorpio 3: Expressive and sensitive.
Scorpio 4: Stable and dedicated.
Scorpio 5: Intellectual and disciplined.
Scorpio 6: Visionary and perfectionist.
Scorpio 7: Open and trusting.
Scorpio 8: Intelligent and powerful.
Scorpio 9: Wise and heroic.

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