Signs a Libra’s committed – or ready to run...

Signs a Libra’s committed – or ready to run...

So, you’re in love with a Libra. Join the masses! They are the most loved sign. Of course, you want this relationship to work. And lucky for you, so does a Libra, who will put in 110% to every serious commitment they make.

There are some early warning signs they give if a Libra is thinking of calling it quits, so if yours is doing any of these, it’s time to step it up and treat them better or have a good, honest talk. There's trouble if a Libra...

1. Suddenly stops making an effort to look good when you’re together, aka, sloppy clothes, no makeup, messy hair, bad hygiene. Key: sudden change in this that lasts more than a week.
2. Doesn’t seem to want to listen to you/is distracted when you are together.
3. Starts wanting to spend more time apart.
4. When you’re arguing or having an unpleasant discussion, your Libra uses words like “unfair” “mean” “whatever” or swears (and they don't usually say these things).

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