Virgo’s quest for perfection causes this secret fear...

Virgo’s quest for perfection causes this secret fear...

People like to talk trash about Virgos and their “type A” ways. Not cool. Especially since this common criticism causes a very real insecurity that we do not like to admit... we fear not being good enough.

It’s stupid, really. We are as close to flawless as any other sign. And, I suspect those so imperfect signs (ummm, Aquarius, Cancer, Pisces) are the ones making us feel like being uber organized, picky, and serious (very GOOD qualities!) are bad things. Jealous much, you other signs?

Anyway, do you fear not being good enough? I do, especially at work or in my romantic relationships. But I have a good realization to share: this fear has more to do with wanting to improve (healthy) than with feeling inadequate (destructive). So, keep that little bit of “fear” in you – and keep getting better, Virgo!

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