Scorpio, seduce any sign with these tips…

Scorpio, seduce any sign with these tips…

Scorpio is a Fixed Sign, meaning that once we want someone, we won’t rest until we get to them. Regardless of our compatibility level, these tips always work with the following signs:

Aries: Go for it! You have permission to be aggressive.
Taurus: Romance, courtship and a good sense of humor will eventually win them over.
Gemini: Knowledge, books and intellectual conversations.
Cancer: Show them your sensitive side and baby them.
Leo: Feed their ego and make them feel they are your number one.
Virgo: Ask them to organize your life, or maybe your bedroom.
Libra: All the fine things in life will get you a Libra’s heart.
Scorpio: Show them how much you want them in as many ways as possible.
Sagittarius: Get them outdoors and off the beaten path.
Capricorn: A slow, steady approach works best with this serious lover.
Aquarius: Make love to their brain!
Pisces: Transport them to another world and they will be yours!

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