Virgo, you have healing powers already within you!

Virgo, you have healing powers already within you!

Remember how Dorothy had the power to return home all along, and all she needed to do to escape the land of Oz was click her heels (wearing those magic ruby slippers)? Well, just like her, dear Virgos, you have the power to heal yourself from the inside out, no footwear required!

You can promote wellness, contentment, and calm with a simple meditation exercise designed for Virgos, who are so talented at zeroing in on the little details others miss. Here’s how:

1. Focus on the areas of your body that help you, that move nicely, etc., however small. This could be your alert eyes, your crafty hands, your strong legs, or even your hair that keeps you warm.
2. Imagine a warm glow emanating from them (one area at a time) as you appreciate all the little ways this area helps you in your daily activities.
3. Send the glow out to your debilitated areas, or where you want to heal yourself. So, if you’re suffering from heartache, the light goes to your heart. If you have swollen ankles, send the light down to them. Imagine the pain melting away.
4. Repeat anywhere that needs attention. There’s always a source of strength within you, if only your mind... which is super powerful!

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