These four things are ruining your skin, Libra!

These four things are ruining your skin, Libra!

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest sign of all? Usually you, Libra... but not when you commit the following skin-related crimes. These four things show up on your face whenever have them in excess. Here they are (and ways to fix your face when you slip up)...

1. Booze. Happy hour can quickly turn into sad day if you have too many drinks. Your skin gets flushed and dehydrated, so be sure to drink a ton of water both during and after you drink alcohol. Adding lemon and cucumber slices can help speed up the de-puff process.
2. Poor sleep. This one might not be avoidable unless you’re lucky enough to always fall (and stay) asleep on time. If you have to function on less than 6 good hours of snooze time, drink green tea for caffeine, get fresh air and take breaks to just breathe, and eat healthy – lots of fruits and veggies, avoid junk food, dairy, and added sugar.
3. Rich food. We all do this one, and pretty often. Let’s face it, treating ourselves to comfort foods is fun and not so healthy. We can’t be perfect! So, after an indulgent meal, day, vacation, try a detox. There are lots of 3-day or longer cleanses to try, just do a web search.
4. Harsh cosmetics. Stay away from anything that sounds abrasive, like scrubs and peels and skin care with tons of ingredients that you don’t recognize. Use a gentle cleanser/soap, a light moisturizer with SPF, and don’t forget to wash your face before you sleep.

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