Aquarius brides are the best brides – here’s why...

Aquarius brides are the best brides – here’s why...

When an Aquarius plans to wed, no one would ever call her a bridezilla. She cares so much about it being fun for all, that she rarely needs to play a princess. Here’s what her ideal wedding entails...

Dress: Expect to be surprised – an Aquarius might even design her own gown... or show up in a pants suit!
Flowers: She might not carry flowers at all, but opt for a bouquet of leaves or something very different. Flowers at the venue are likely to be quirky, like daisies paired with succulents.
Venue: Community place like a park, museum, monument, or city center.
Guest list: They will want to include everyone, from close friends and family to acquaintances. And everyone gets a 1!
Theme: An Aquarius bride wants to have fun with her big day, so she will opt for a theme that gets everyone into the spirit, like her favorite film, era, or music genre.

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