Here are 7 new reasons to love your life, Pisces...

Here are 7 new reasons to love your life, Pisces...

Times are tough and there’s a lot of bad news out there. It can be hard to appreciate life sometimes, right? Well, before you despair, here are 7 things to love about your life that you probably don’t think about...

1. Pisces see colors in a more vivid way than other signs.
2. Pisces feel things like joy, love, and compassion deeper than other signs.
3. Pisces dreams are more lucid and meaningful than other signs.
4. Pisces have a better-than-average ability to make other signs feel better.
5. Pisces idealism helps us see the bright side – we need only listen to our inner optimist.
6. Pisces get their energy from water in any form, so we can boost our moods by simply drinking a favorite beverage, taking a bath, washing our face, or running in the rain.
7. Pisces’ imaginations are so powerful, we can literally escape into our daydreams whenever reality is too much to bear.

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