Why Aries are attracted to their opposite element...

Why Aries are attracted to their opposite element...

Did you fall for someone who is completely “wrong” for you again? It’s common for Aries to become downright obsessed with Water Signs – the sign we aren’t supposed to go for. So, why the attraction, and can it ever work?

Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) offer us a reprieve from all our heat. Their equally intense yet different element can feel so good, but usually this pleasure is fleeting and can be downright damaging if we immerse ourselves in it too long. After all, water puts out fire.

But it can work, and many of my favorite couples are Fire-Water combos. The trick is that one partner cannot dominate the other. A little water on our flames can actually create a delightfully steamy experience, and we keep them warm. We can make each other even better by combining our forces in intelligent ways. Just remember: work together, do not compete!

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