Children born under the sign of Libra stand out!

Children born under the sign of Libra stand out!

Libras are lovely. But Libra babies? Too adorable and sweet for words! Here are a few traits Libra children have...

1. They are highly sensitive. They may “overreact” or fuss when overstimulated or upset. Do not yell or put your little Libra in a chaotic, aggressive environment, or they will get scared and retreat.
2. It’s important that they always have at least one special friend they can play with often. Libras need a social setting to thrive in. But don’t worry if there aren’t a lot of kids in your neighborhood... even an imaginary friend or long-distance relative can meet this need. Communication can be creative.
3. Their curiosity and refinement make them a favorite with adults and children. They want the spotlight yet know right from wrong, so rarely get into major trouble. They are more thoughtful and generous than most kids.

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