What religion benefits Aquarians the most? Find out…

What religion benefits Aquarians the most? Find out…

You might go to church or you might be an atheist, but be honest: what do you really feel most connected to? Humanity, right? The good in others, or the possibility of greater peace among cultures. You, Aquarius, are instrumental in that quest for World Peace.

Organized religion isn’t really your thing. While you can get a lot out of church or religious literature, your #1 source of spirituality is seeing humanity as a family. Seeing the good in others. Inspiring people working together. That’s your jam. And that’s super commendable.

You believe that what each person does matters. Little things can lead to big changes. You have high hopes for your fellow citizens of the world and won’t lower your expectations. You lead by example. Peace be with you, sweet Aquarius.

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