This is what makes your Capricorn child so special...

This is what makes your Capricorn child so special...

I bet you were so excited when you found out you were having a Capricorn baby! Or maybe you just want to learn a bit more about your favorite Sea Goat nephew? Here’s what makes Capricorn children so wonderful...

1. They are wise beyond their years. Even as little tots, you may notice them talking to other kids and adults with ease. That’s because they are confident communicators, with great interest in sharing their thoughts with the world.
2. Although they can be serious, Capricorn children get pretty wild when they feel relaxed. Silly, goofy, hilarious things can happen with they are at play!
3. They need structure. Comfort comes out of predictability. Changes and surprises can really throw them for a loop. Following the same morning schedule and pre-planning tomorrow can really help their mood.
4. They are extremely empathetic. You might notice that your Goat gets upset when they witness the hardships of others. Encourage their kindness but beware that they aren’t carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders (or in their minds).

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