Want to seduce an Aquarius? This approach works best...

Want to seduce an Aquarius? This approach works best...

Aquarians know what they like, and aren’t shy about saying so when they don’t like something. Especially in bed. So, if you want to turn an Aquarius on and have them coming back for more, follow these guidelines.

1. Establish a mental connection first. This is super important if you want a relationship. If you only want a one-night stand, then fine. But the major part to know is that an Aquarius can be really hot for someone yet remain emotionally detached. So, don’t hop in the sack too soon if you want to keep them around and into you for more than just sex.
2. Don’t be shy or uptight. Aquarius likes grand gestures and big, bold, confident moves. Soft strokes and butterfly kisses are for Taurus... we like it super hot, super heavy, and quickies can be awesome as long as they’re intense!
3. Challenge us. Keep us guessing. We don’t want a textbook routine of foreplay and the same position every time. Try new things mixed in with what you know we love.

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