The most passionate sign is Libra!

The most passionate sign is Libra!

My Scorpio friends insist that they are the most passionate, sexy, blah blah. It’s just NOT so. Sexiness is subjective. Passion, not so much.

Either you’re really into something or you’re not. And Libras take the cake with that. We are ALL IN and it’s never fleeting with us (unlike Scorpios, who run hot, cold, hold, cold). So, to further prove my point, just consider all these about Libra...

In love: We would do anything for the ones we love. Nothing is off limits, because our love and passion for our lovers is so deep, pure, and enduring. Same goes for our best friends, even our pets or children. They are family.

At work: We get so into our projects, we nurture them and see to it that everyone involved makes it a success from beginning to completion.

With our money: We enjoy spending it to better our lives and the lives of others. If we are invested emotionally, we are sure to get a return well worth any temporary debt.

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