Want to love work and make good money? Try these jobs...

Want to love work and make good money? Try these jobs...

Money isn’t everything, but it sure does make life easier! Libras are far from greedy, and prefer a peaceful work environment over making the big bucks. But shouldn’t we have both? Well, here are 5 jobs Libras excel in that also pay a big salary.

1. Lawyer or judge. This is pretty obvious, but you live for justice, so being part of the legal process can serve your innermost needs and supply a hefty income.
2. Psychiatrist. You already give your friends great advice and a sympathetic ear. Why not get paid to do it?
3. Marketing executive. You are social and people-savvy, and know what makes others happy. So, make a big profit with your persuasive people skills.
4. Political analyst. Learn all about politics and laws and how they affect people. Sounds cool, huh? Pays a lot, too!
5. Nurse or midwife. You take such good care of others. You’d get so much out of helping people through major health-related experiences – including a big paycheck.

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