Are you a positive or negative-minded Taurus?

Are you a positive or negative-minded Taurus?

We often get accused of being too serious, but... well, life IS serious business and our sign is the only one truly up to all the difficult tasks, right? Because we are such a strong sign, chances are you lean toward one side: positive or negative-minded. Which one are you?

Positive Taurus: You’re always there for people who need something.
Negative Taurus: Sometimes you have to tell someone no if something important to you comes up.

Positive Taurus: You’re willing to wait a long time for the desired result.
Negative Taurus: If something can happen quickly, you can accept less-than-perfect.

Positive Taurus: You like relationships to be predictable and peaceful.
Negative Taurus: A little drama keeps the spice alive in relationships.

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