Born at the beginning or end of Capricorn? You’re on the cusp!

Born at the beginning or end of Capricorn? You’re on the cusp!

If you’re born on the very first or last day of Capricorn, you might not feel like you’re much of a Sea Goat at all, and that’s because you’re “on the cusp”. Actually, if you were born within 3 days of your sign’s start/end dates, you still qualify as a “cusp Capricorn”. You need a proper cusp sign profile, so here it goes...

Sagittarius-Capricorn (December 22-24): Wow, what a combo! You’re a true visionary, with the adventurous spirit of a Sag but smart practicality of a Capricorn. There’s not much you can’t accomplish! You’re highly sociable and fun, but you don’t take stupid risks and you are very careful to consider other’s feelings. You’re a big dreamer, but you also know when it’s beyond the scope of reality. You probably love to travel... with a map, of course!

Capricorn-Aquarius (January 17-19): Wow, you are a true original! There’s never a dull moment with you... you always keep ‘em guessing. You can be shy one minute, then outspoken and animated the next. You don’t fit the mold, and can sometimes feel like an outsider. Fads and labels are not for you. You are one of a kind. Some may think you’re eccentric, even an oddball, but you make it all work. When you like something, you immerse yourself in it.

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