Pisces, protect your aura from negative energies…

Pisces, protect your aura from negative energies…

The Sign of Pisces is known as the cosmic sponge of the Zodiac, meaning that we easily absorb other people's negative energy; especially if as always, we are trying to help them out.

You don't have to stop being yourself, just protect yourself from this. Here are some ways:

Crystals - Carrying or surrounding yourself with crystals like amethyst, black onyx, obsidian and tiger's eye will cleanse your aura.

Mantras - The power of words has a powerful effect on our minds and bodies. If you are close to someone who is upset or sad, mentally repeat positive phrases like "May I be protected" or "May I be happy".

Cleansing baths or showers while meditating will wash away the negative energy that you might have absorbed from others, but you must do it with intention.

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