Leo, calling on your inner sign brings you joy…

Leo, calling on your inner sign brings you joy…

Do you sometimes feel like you are not yourself? We all feel a little "off" sometimes. Like, when all of a sudden we want to be alone and do your own thing, for example. When this happens, we are channeling our inner Aquarius!

As strange as it might sound, Aquarius is Leo's opposite sign in the Zodiac chart, which means that if we tap into our astral alter ego, we might find joy in a completely different set of things in life.

The Water Bearer is the most detached, progressive and humanitarian sign; all of them qualities that seem could seem little far-off for a self-centered Leo.

By tapping into Aquarius' independence, originality and interest for helping others, we can actually benefit from having a different relationship with others and our surroundings.

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