Your face shape reveals your inner beauty, Libra...

Your face shape reveals your inner beauty, Libra...

Libras are naturally beautiful, inside and out. And the shape of your face can say a lot about both! What does yours reveal about you?

Round or oval: You are sociable, compassionate, and have strong morals. You like to help others, and also like to treat yourself to creature comforts. You work hard when it matters but need down time.

Triangular/heart-shaped: You’re dreamy and idealistic, and can be a little impulsive. You’re witty and never forget details. You’re in touch with your emotions. You like to be busy and need adventure and romance.

Square/rectangular: You were born to take a leadership position, or at least one of prominence. You’re energetic and love a challenge. You’re mentally and physically strong, and firm on your beliefs.

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