How to predict events with common, edible objects...

How to predict events with common, edible objects...

No sign knows good food quite like us Bulls, but I’m letting you in an a lesser-known secret about why food is so good... it can reveal the truth about love, money, health, and so much more!

Will you and your amore stay together? Ask a nut! Place two nuts next to each other on a burning surface (one represents you, the other represents your mate). If they roast/burn slowly together, your love is built to last. If they pop away from each other, explode, burst into large flames, there may be trouble. The person who’s nut reacted first will be the cause.

Will your wish come true? Cut an apple in half, slicing down the middle. Think of your wish as you slice from top (stem area) to bottom. Your wish will come true if all the seeds remain intact (remained whole, not cut).

To answer any question, get a big bag of onions. Write down every possible answer to your question, and attach one to each onion, then store them away. Check them each day. The first onion to sprout reveals the answer.

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