Think you’re a true Taurus? Maybe not!

Think you’re a true Taurus? Maybe not!

We all call ourselves a Taurus because the Sun was in the sign of the Bull the time/place of our birth. But haven’t you ever wondered if you’re actually more like another sign? It’s totally possible, because the Moon, your Rising sign, and all the other planetary configurations at your birth shaped you, too.

So, here’s your test. Be honest. Are you really like a Taurus in these major attributes of daily life?

True Taurus: Patiently waits for their top choice.
Not so Taurus: Settles for second best if that can happen sooner/is easier.

True Taurus: Gets cranky when plans don’t work out.
Not so Taurus: Sometimes you cancel or change your mind last minute.

True Taurus: You stick to your guns when your mind is made up.
Not so Taurus: Would rather compromise or back down to avoid conflict if you disagree.

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