Born during the middle of Aquarius? Learn more...

Born during the middle of Aquarius? Learn more...

Do you ever feel like you don’t quite fit some of your sign’s characteristics, while others are spot-on? Me too! Let’s face it, Sun Sign personality traits can be a bit broad. After all, how can ALL people born in the 30-day period of Aquarius be totally alike?

While uncommonly used these days, there are 10-day blocks called “decans” that help decode your sign more specifically. I researched and here’s what I learned about Aquarians born in the middle 10 days (Jan. 31-Feb. 9):
• You’re less intense than the early Aquarians, and more social. However, you tend to lose interest in anything less than super stimulating and groundbreaking pretty fast. Out with the old, so to speak, comes easy.
• You are very energetic, witty, and your artistic skills change with the times and needs of your job, higher purpose, or just general interest in trying a new craft.
• You tend to pick up an interest based on the company you keep. You don’t steal ideas, you GET them from people who inspire you.
• You likely attained a high level of education, but if not, you’re constantly learning.

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