This shocking crime is often committed by Capricorns!

This shocking crime is often committed by Capricorns!

I like to believe that us Capricorns are the most law-abiding, responsible sign. Turns out I might be wrong!

I read in a book by an old German scientist (Gunter Sachs’ The Astrology File) that us Cappies have some naughty tendencies! He did all this research and found that more than any other sign, Capricorns are... drug dealers!?!

How can this be? The only explanation I can think of is that not all Capricorns are perfect... they have influential Moon, Rising, and other influences in their charts, after all. And, we are super smart and driven to make the big bucks. So, I guess selling drugs might be tempting to a Capricorn led astray?

Ugh, nevermind, I can’t even imagine doing drugs much less selling them! Isn’t that more of an out-of-control fire or air sign kinda thing? What do you think??

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