Feel like you’ve got it together – even when you don’t!

Feel like you’ve got it together – even when you don’t!

Capricorn is the cool, calm, and collected sign... on the outside, at least. Inside, well, not sure about you, but I can be a mess sometimes. I just don’t let others see me sweat. Here are little things that can make a big difference in maintaining that solid stance, outside and inside!

Put things back in their place. From making your bed in the morning to hanging up your coat when you come home, these are good habits to get into to avoid chaos and clutter at home.
• Drink plenty of water or caffeine-free tea. Sure that second (or fifth) cup of coffee or afternoon soda seems like it will fuel you, but honestly it’ll just make you jittery, and possibly sleepless later.
Wear only what you feel good in. It doesn’t matter how big a bargain that itchy sweater is or how trendy those hard-to-walk-in shoes are. If you don’t feel fabulous, you won’t look it, either.
Dine al fresco. No, you don’t need to go out to eat every day, but you shouldn’t deprive yourself, either. Eat out in fresh air if the weather is nice, or walk at least a couple blocks on your way to get food. It’ll revive you.

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