The 3-step method to rid your life of negative energy...

The 3-step method to rid your life of negative energy...

No one wants life to be messy, least of all a Virgo! But toxic energy and even piles of junk you don’t need in your personal space can really make a mess of your life. Luckily, a simple three-step process can lighten your load instantly, with even more positive results in time!

1. Without thinking about it too much, write down what you want LESS of in your life.
2. Using this list, write down physical items that embody each thing. For example, if you wrote down “family drama” you might write things that cause drama in your family, like phones (if one of you always has your eyes on theirs) or if you wrote down “stress about money” you might associate this with a stack of bills. More associations are “body weight/fat” & junk food, “errands” & jam-packed to-do lists.
3. Look at the physical items from the associations and pare these things down. So, limit how much family members can use their phones during time together, pay off as many bills as possible or at least organize and file them, eliminate bad foods from your diet, and cut out some of your weekly tasks that aren’t truly necessary.

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