Incredibly effective natural herbal remedies for Bulls...

Incredibly effective natural herbal remedies for Bulls...

Not only do you love to be pampered, you darn well deserve it, Taurus! But you need not even leave home to get that spa-like wellness boost. Try these herbs for a Zen awakening that can boost immunity, heal ailments, even amp up your energy!

To detox: Infuse your water with mint leaves, lemon, and cucumber.
To sleep better: Place lavender sachets around your bedding (you can tuck them into the sides of your sheets) or spritz your pillow with an essential oils mist.
To boost immunity: Orange essential oil in an air diffuser can work wonders, and freshen the air in the process.
Clear respiratory ailments: Eucalyptus is a powerful detoxifying element used in most spa steam rooms. All you need to do is place a few branches of it around your home.

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