How Bulls can resolve the biggest family freak-outs...

How Bulls can resolve the biggest family freak-outs...

'Tis the season to be... dealing with familial folly? It's already well underway for me! People showing up unexpected... with guests. Phone calls with drama and tears. Misunderstandings. Plus, good ol' Mercury is now retrograde, causing communication breakdowns on its own.

Chances are, you will be dealing with your own family antics during the holidays. We are in this together. Here's what you can do to maintain some of your sanity...

1. Take regular time-outs. Even if it's just going into the bathroom to sigh loudly in private.
2. Pre-plan activities that everyone usually enjoys, such as a board game. If your family can take a joke, try Crimes Against Humanity. If not, put in a classic holiday comedy like A Christmas Story.
3. No open bar. Drinking too much won't be good for anyone. That means you, too, as tempting as it might be (believe me, I learned this the hard way)!

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