Pisces is the most psychic of all signs…

Pisces is the most psychic of all signs…

Did you know our sign of Pisces has a secret power? Neptune-ruled Pisces is the most psychic of all signs. That's right! Some of the powers at our disposal are clairvoyance, dream divination, seeing auras and crystal gazing.

Pisces is so empathetic towards the feelings of others that can feel their pain, know their feelings and see their past or future. As a Fish, you were born with these abilities and tapping into your inner psychic should be relatively easy.

If you want to make use of these powers, learn to read your dreams. With the help of a dream dictionary and a dream journal, take notes of your dreams and their meaning. With time, they will help you work out problems, communicate with others and even see into the future. Pretty amazing!

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