Keep your Sagittarius in love with these tips…

Keep your Sagittarius in love with these tips…

Are you lucky enough to be with an Archer? Fun and optimistic, it shouldn't be so hard to keep the flame going, but it's always good to try!

Here are five tips to keep your Sag interested and by your side:

• Give them as much freedom as you can. Let them go solo once in a while and they will come back to you.
Embrace outdoor activities, hikes, pick nicks, or even getting-it-on in an outdoorsy place is always fun with a Sag!
Never lie to them. This sign is absolutely truthful to you and they expect the same back.
• Go on planned or spontaneous adventures. Sag always wants to be doing or going somewhere new.
Don't drop hints. If your Sag hasn't say those three words, pushing them to so will only backfire. Be patient.

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