Restore your soul with these baths, Fish…

Restore your soul with these baths, Fish…

Deeply emotional and gentle, our sign has a tendency to get stressed, nervous or anxious. Pisces needs constant nourishing; fortunately, our Water Element is our best friend when we want to feel better!

We benefit from taking baths on a weekly basis, preferably at night. When preparing your bath make sure to include some of Pisces' birth herbs.

• Add rose hip seed oil to your bath for a beautiful skin. It will even repair sun damage and discoloration.

• Mix sea salt with seaweed salts for a beachy bath with anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties. Ocean wave sounds or music are a plus!

• In the ancient world, Mugwort was used for pain, for healing, increase psychic powers and scare bad spirits. Get it in salts or make an infusion to add to your bath.

You will feel amazing and have very lucid dreams!

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