Healing herbs for Aries' intensity…

Healing herbs for Aries' intensity…

Ruled by Mars, we are energetic and boisterous, and we are always on the go. Keeping a sustainable lifestyle can be difficult when we are so busy.

If you want to feel better, Aries, try incorporating these herbs related to our Sun Sign. They can be used either when cooking, to make baths, or even just tea. There's a big chance you already have them in your pantry!

Rosemary - Delicious to roast with chicken or potatoes. It helps to stimulate circulation in an invigorating bath.

• If you like spicy, add cayenne to your salads. It is often used to clean the digestive system and improve circulation.

• People run away from garlic, but it is actually the healthiest of all herbs. Either cooked or in tea, fights infections and reduces cholesterol and blood pressure.

• If you make a lot of salads, add powdered mustard to your dressings as a base. An ancient symbol of faith, mustard is good for your digestion and will look pretty in your garden when planted.

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