Dating a Twin? Don't do any of these...

Dating a Twin? Don't do any of these...

Geminis are born to date! We are masters of conversation, so there are few awkward moments on our side. But our dates are another story. Here are the dating deal breakers for Geminis...

1. Silence. If you can't keep a stimulating conversation going, we are going to tire of you quickly.
2. Broad small talk. On the flip side, if you yammer on and on about the weather, your favorite sports team, and work work work, we are outta there.
3. Passivity. If you agree with everything we say and want us to decide everything, we are going to be super bored. We like to be challenged a bit and like to hear different perspectives.
4. Control freak. Yes, another flip side. If you're trying to decide everything and dominate the conversation, we will get annoyed fast. We are too open-minded for that!

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