This is a Capricorn's true life purpose...

This is a Capricorn's true life purpose...

If you think your mission here on Earth is to be a hard worker, you are soooo wrong, Capricorn! Truth is, your heart is a lot bigger than people realize, and your true destiny is to help others in need.

Why are you the sign that can basically save the world? Because you have the perfect mix of practicality, intelligence, kindness, and also humor - all things that are very necessary when you're dealing with tough stuff.

If you aren't already, make sure you do at least two of these on a regular basis so that you fulfill your higher purpose here on Earth:
• Volunteer
• Donate money
• Donate items like food, clothing, toys, household goods
• Random acts of kindness
• Being a good friend who listens and offers smart advice

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