Capricorns naturally have this amazing psychic power!...

Posted by Amalie Stubbs
Capricorns naturally have this amazing psychic power!...

Capricorns are great planners, and able to anticipate problems before they develop. But our skills go even deeper than most realize... we have the power of precognition, aka the ability to see things before they happen.

Just think about it... have you ever had a feeling about something, a place, or a person... and it indeed turned out to be right. Maybe if you listened to your intuition, you escaped trouble? Or, can you sometimes actually "imagine" or picture how an event will play out, and then it happens?

If so, you have this power just under the surface and if you learn to pay closer attention when you get these images or feelings, you can use it to avoid bad things and make good things happen more often! Pretty awesome, huh Capricorn?

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