These Tarot cards hold special significance for Geminis...

Posted by Tamas Hyde
These Tarot cards hold special significance for Geminis...

If you've ever had a Tarot reading, you know just how powerful a simple spread of cards can be for explaining an issue, answering a question, foretelling future events, and revealing hidden aspects of your personality.

But did you know that two cards are especially significant when a Gemini draws them? Next time you get a reading (here on our site for free or in real life), pay close attention if you get one of these...

The Lovers: Themes attached to this card include love, of course, but more importantly, communication, imagination/ideas, decisions, and choices. If you draw this, it means you have doubts or insecurities about your relationship with another, and you will need to make a choice to resolve it ASAP.

The Magician: This card corresponds to Mercury, your ruler. It signifies work, beginnings/life cycles, action, and exhaustion. It carries masculine, assertive, creative energy. He's basically a go-getter. Drawing this card means you are or are about to start something new that will change your life in an important way.

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