Stay away from these folks, Crab!

Stay away from these folks, Crab!

Traditional and maternal, Crabs make some of the best friends anyone can have. For you, friends are held in high regard, but, is it the same the other way around?

Let's figure out your worst friend matches:

Your Aries friend is nice but just way too much sometimes… Well, really, most of the time. Too bold and self-centered, they only want to talk about their goals, their jobs, or their relationships. How selfish!

Gemini - You feel, they talk. You're loving, they're not. You like to stay home and chill. They can't seem to be able to be alone not even for one minute. Plus, they are too flighty for you.

You first liked your Sagittarius friend because they were popular and friendly. But how restless and unstable can someone be? Things get worse when they first invite you to their home. What a mess!

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