Everyone loves Leos, but some envy them…

Everyone loves Leos, but some envy them…

Sunny Leo goes through life spreading fun, joy and generosity. Most people love this about us, I mean, it's hard not to. But, some others just pretend to like us so they can find out what is it that makes us so awesome. Leo, watch out for these signs

Your Gemini friend calls you, texts you and listens to you when you have a problem. Unfortunately, they are always making a case against you in their head. These mind-oriented folks envy your huge heart.

Capricorn - You'll silly, they're dry. You're fun, they're not. You work hard/play hard. All they do is work. Can you blame them for envying you? Not really!

You first liked your Pisces friend because they are glamorous and polite. But, did you do something to hurt them without realizing it? Apparently! Because they started resenting you overnight. Boooooring!

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