Sex tips to unravel Pisces deep intimacy…

Sex tips to unravel Pisces deep intimacy…

You are in luck if you're hoping to get or are currently getting intimate with a Pisces. This sign really knows how to surrender in the sexual department. Are you ready?

• I bet it's good to know that flattery will get you far (I mean in bed) with a Pisces since we always are (gulp) fishing for compliments.
• Do you have a foot fetish? Pisces rules the feet. Initiating sex with a foot massage is everything!
Undress to impress. Pisces loves sensual undergarments more than any other sign.
Long and slow hookup sessions are best for the gentle Fish.
• Dreamy Pisces loves having all their senses stimulated. Covering their eyes and talking dirty are great foreplay.
• Unless they start it first, don't play rough. But if they say they like it rough, that means they love it!

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